Outlook & MYOB Integration

Digiwise has developed a solution to integrate the calendar in Microsoft Outlook with activity slips in MYOB. Activity slips can be automatically created from the appointments in your calendar. You can create a new calendar where all appointments are transferred to MYOB or you can tag specific appointments to be converted using Outlook's categories.

Excel Doc Maker

Automatically produce Microsoft Word Documents using Excel figures, tables and charts. Excel Doc Maker overcomes the limitations of Word’s built in mail merge. Produce business reports, financial planning documents, quotes or any other Word document using rich content from your Excel spreadsheet. Contact us for a free demo.

MYOB to Database

Extract MYOB AccountRight data to a Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server database. Works with local and cloud AccountRight files. Allows your MYOB AccountRight data to be integrated with other database applications such as bespoke asset tracking and project reporting systems.

Future Bank Statements

Forecast what your bank statement will look like for the next 60 days. Our AI system uses Xero, MYOB AccountRight or downloads from online banking to predict your bank statements for the next 60 days. Easily identify points in time where you are likely to have insufficient or excess cash in the bank.

Repeat purchase promotion for MYOB AccountRight

Originally developed for a hospitality supply business, this solution has a range of applications. Send emails, letters or faxes to your existing customers with their monthly purchase history for the last six months. Your customers can then easily fill out an order form showing what they would like to order this month and send it straight back.

Inventory Management System

A web based application developed for a chain of cafes and suited to businesses with multiple sites frequently ordering items from the same suppliers. Collates orders from different stores in to single supplier orders, tracks inventory levels and allows sold items to be defined as a set of purchased items.