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Digiwise is proud to provide software development and Excel consultancy to a diverse range of clients across Australia.

Application Development

Digiwise completes software development projects such as:

  • Frontline BI – Job management system for large trades based businesses
  • 4orward – Bespoke accountancy practice management software
  • The Workability Index – Online application for benchmarking employers’ ‘workability’
  • Inventory Management Pty Ltd – Online inventory management software for hospitality businesses
  • AS123 – Stock feedlot management software
  • Johnstaff – Revenue forecasting database and employee remuneration database
  • RMIT University – Short course booking system
  • Oztrac – Per machine cost tracking and purchase order system

Waste Data Analysis and Modelling

Digiwise has completed extensive data analysis and modelling for local and state government in the waste
management area with clients including:

  • Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action
  • Darebin City Council
  • Merri-Bek City Council
  • Yarra City Council
  • Hume City Council
  • Whitehorse City Council
  • Blue Environment

Further Data Analysis, Modelling and Automation Projects

Examples of Digiwise’s data analysis, modelling and automation projects outside of waste management include:

  • Department of Defence – Excel based contaminated sites register
  • APM Advantage – Project cost management system for multimillion-dollar data centre projects
  • Rail Projects Victoria – Tracking and analysing transport closures relating to Victoria’s level crossing removal
  • Quantaco – Integrating Excel with ERP, Payroll, Resource Management and Planning systems to automate
    reconciliations, reporting and analysis
  • Roche SA – Pharmacoeconomic modelling for applications to government and private insurers for funding
    pharmaceutical treatments
  • Lexus of Blackburn and Warragul Toyota – Nightly management reporting across all business departments
  • Retail Express – Stocktake systems, data cleansing and dashboards
  • Alchimie – Employee satisfaction survey data analysis and visualisation